Tracking down Habiba Sorabi

Habiba Sorabi was the first female governor of Afghanistan, and that was the extent of my knowledge until I tried to track her down this week. What kind of news exists about Sorabi, how have her successes andHabiba Sorabi failures been shed light on in the media, and what exactly has been reported about her political involvement? The first thing I did this week was listen to an NPR report entitled “Female Governor Fights Lonely Battle in Afghanistan.”

The report pronounced that in her province of Bamiyan, after 2 years of her being in office the residents still do not have electricity or paved roads, and that many critics would like to see her resign.

The news report said that when Sorabi came into office, she stressed having a judicial system in Bamiyan as one of her top priorities in addition to creating new sources of income for the region. She says on the show (not sure where the quote was taken from): “Bamiyan is a historical cultural town. That means, on the one hand, the historical identity of the region must be restored by the reconstruction. And on the other, we want to attract tourists to the region, thus creating new sources of income for the province and for its people.” So if the focus on tourism, it does lead me to believe that some semblance of roads and electric infrastructure would have been implemented by now. I am wondering whether this is a case of the persons reporting this story not having trustworthy inside contacts, and therefore portraying what may be a political blockade against her success as this “failure to produce results,” or whether Sorabi has done nothing more than simply follow in the footsteps of her predecessors. More to come this week!


~ by 1womanarmy on April 28, 2008.

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