Google News and Women in Afghanistan

Apparently even Google is predjudiced when it comes to looking at women in Afghnistan. Google Hits for women in AfghanistanA Google search in the “regular,” “images,” and “news,” section all reveals that the first three hits to appear portray Afghani women has tortured, abused, veiled, and generally subdued by their culture and political system.  While the oppression of the Taliban regime is nothing to scoff at, the continual use of these images in the media sexualizes Afghani women through exoticism of the veil, the covered taboo, and creates a warrior-hero out of American forces who then need to “rescue” these “poor women.”  Where are the women sleeping with AK47’s in their beds or whose husbands were blown to bits in front of their eyes or who themselves have been suicide bombers?  Where are the statistics that show the true cost of war?


~ by 1womanarmy on April 28, 2008.

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