Army of Two: AoT

Video Games and Interactions with War

YouTube time! AOT: or Army of Two: Developed by EA Montreal, AoT is sort of a nightmare of sociological representation, and I do feel that description to be generous.

This is a must watch- click the link above before reading on.

We’re talking here about gaming, with levels taking place in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the player controls one of two hyper-masculine, armor plated, skull masked soldiers of fortune whom, upon making kills, give one another a fist pound.

The burden of implication here is twofold. Firstly the ‘terrorists’ are all pretty much indistinct from country to country, essentially virtual fodder for the player’s heavy arsenal. However, if the ‘good guys’ in this game are meant to portray the capitalist west, and I feel that they are, then there is another real issue of appearance. To look at them is essentially to look into a design appealing primarily to uneducated, 13 year old would-be patriots. Think of it, your best friend, money, guns, muscles, and thousands of dead terrorists. While this might appeal to young children, this representation of the capitalist west by any educated standard is almost as offensive as the face-less, region-less Iraqis. I suppose it comes down to a sort of hyperbolic choice: be a devil or be a nobody.


~ by 1womanarmy on April 28, 2008.

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