A Montage of Fear

Apparently if you say them enough, words legitimize a cause for war. Now, this video is sort of cute, its simple and easy to digest. It has been viewed over thirty-thousand times, perhaps because it functions as easily as the ideology that it wishes to critique.

I would maintain that work such as this is politically and socially unhelpful. The reason I posit this is because it doesn’t allow for any sort of questioning. In fact, it moves at such a rapid pace that it doesn’t leave much time for anything but acceptance -vaguely reminiscent of a CNN news ticker. The things we accept because they move too fast to be analyzed.

Yet while this video may be, at its surface, anti-war, it as actually building into a polarized, structuralist ideology which is part of the machine which produces our culture’s views on war and terror. If one chooses a side (anti or pro) so quickly and never looks back, how as that any more helpful than soldiers blindly following orders?


~ by 1womanarmy on April 25, 2008.

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