Afghan Gender Cafe

A fabulous news source from Afghanistan! A must read!  I read through an analysis of the 2001 Department of State report The Taliban’s War Against Women, which the Afghani woman author explained not only how this documented created a totalizing “victim woman” for the USA to save, but generalized the female experience as one totally tied to her bodily restrictions.

(((You know for people that, according to many American news sources, live in caves – these people seem to have a lot of things in better perspective than we do.)))

I could outline the site, but it would be much better for you to check it out for yourselves. It really is an incredible resource and even, I would argue, a subtle nudge against the way that the west views Afghanistan. But please look into it – It is this sort of thing that can make a person believe, even a little bit, in the hope of a positive self-identification.

How interesting that this site allows itself to be “gendered” in such a way that the western media never could. At least not gendered outwardly in a feminine light without the use of pink ribbons and poodles, or referneces to fighting breast cancer.

It says something about the similar engenderment of women’s bodies in America and women’s bodies in Afghanistan/The Middle East during this war and it’s media framing. Both sets of women, by American standards, are portrayed as little more than their oppressive sexualized parts, with American women holding up the pink banner of “girlhood” as a triumphant feminist flag, and Afghani women “in need of saving” from their brutish, terrorist husbands.


~ by 1womanarmy on April 23, 2008.

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