“Three Big Lies About Afghanistan”

Eric Margolis (foreign correspondent for major networks INCLUDING FOX) might share our sentiments when he says, to open this blog piece with a self-evident title:

The public is getting distorted news from Afghanistan because the North American media has substituted jingoism and flag-waving for reporting of hard news.

Margolis makes some interesting points that I may use in my final paper for this class, specifically about our involvement in Afghanistan and the use of women as a justification point; “oppression under the Taliban.”  He makes some problematic points about the end of drug-dealing during the Taliban regime, such as this quote,following.  And slipping in a comparison to India seems a big under handed…:

Today, women in post-Taliban Afghanistan are just as repressed as they were under Taliban, save for a few schools in Kabul. Women are equally repressed in Pakistan, India, and Saudi Arabia. Many Afghans share Taliban’s social views, if not politics. The Uzbeks in the north – now US and Canadian allies – are in even more vicious and brutal than Taliban, and up to their turbans in drug dealing. The US and NATO are running a nation that supplies 80-90% of the world’s heroin.

Women in India and women under the Taliban are two very different stories.  Indian women can hold jobs, own property, and walk around without a full length garment or a male escort— this seems like a bit of a testament to the differences that a fundamentally liberal and socially progressive government can make.   

It was good to read a piece with some emotional input.  At least Margolis is honest about his biases.  There is none of the glorification of war in this reporting piece: none of the action, the explosions, or the tallies that make most of the pieces I’ve read so horrific.  So many people would like to glamorize the war, to make it into the Hollywood Spectacle that Hollywood makes it out to be.

He should also be credited (as another blogger pointed out) for recognizing that “Taliban” is plural for “Talib.”



~ by 1womanarmy on April 20, 2008.

One Response to ““Three Big Lies About Afghanistan””

  1. Although it is true that it is legal in India for women to hold jobs, own property and walk in public without a burka, there are also Indian women whose families mandate their women to be as repressed as any in Afghanistan. Both India and Afghanistan are large countries with diversity in their population and a big discrepancy between urban and rural life. In both countries, the main factor that determines the amount of freedom in a woman’s life is the men who have control over her, whether father, husband or grown son.

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