The Last Thing I Will Say About Boys Games (maybe)

So this week it’s a look at “Interview: Wafaa Bilal casts himself as terrorist in Virtual Jihadi” on the “Geeks Are Sexy” Network.

Here’s the rundown:

Bilal’s new art installation takes agame and hacks it to create “The Night of Bush Capturing: A Virtual Jihadi.” Through the game, which will be revealed this Wednesday at Rensselaer, Bilal casts himself as a suicide-bomber.

Here’s a description, from RPI’s Arts Department:

After learning of the real-life death of his brother in the war, he is recruited by Al Qaeda to join the hunt for Bush. This work is meant to bring attention to the vulnerability of Iraqi civilians to the travesties of the current war and racist generalizations and stereotypes as exhibited in games such as Quest for Saddam; along with vulnerability to recruitment by violent groups like Al Qaeda because of the U.S.’s failed strategy in securing Iraq. The work also aims to shed light on groups that traffic in crass and hateful stereotypes of Arab culture with games like Quest for Saddam and other media.

So Fox and Bilal were caught in the act of producing , or at least recording, a future history. I would say that this is unexpected, but it isn’t. In fact anyone who would look to a single source to find history, sort of deserves to be duped by their own naivety. Foucault talks a lot about this in his later work and he describes this process as a type of violence. Something that Derrida would chime in to saying that it is the Freudian Mal D’Archive. By this he means a psychological imperative to write our memory down, so that we will not be altogether gone after death. But beyond social responsibility, beyond even common decency, isn’t it a little frightening that the history of the future is being produced in such high resolution that it might be mistaken the future of fact? It used to be that the winners wrote the histories, but now they can be written before the battle has even started.


~ by 1womanarmy on April 17, 2008.

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