Englehardt Confirms the Distance

I have run across this piece on statements of the damage air strike tactics have had during the War of Terror in several international news sources over the past few weeks.  This particular version from AsiaTimes seems to be most complete.

I have finally taken the time to read the entire article, and find his last two declarations most important.  He echoes The Spirit of Terrorism clearly.

Eighth, force creates counterforce. The application of force, especially from the air, is a reliable engine for the creation of enemies. It is a force multiplier (and not just for US forces either). Every time an air strike is called in anywhere on the planet, anyone who orders it should automatically assume that left in its wake will be grieving, angry husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, relatives, friends – people vowing revenge, a pool of potential candidates filled with the anger of genuine injustice. From the point of view of your actual enemies, you can’t bomb, missile, and strafe often enough, because when you do so, you are more or less guaranteed to create their newest recruits.

Ninth, US air power has, in the past six and a half years, been an effective force in a war for terror, not against it.

One does not eradicate an ideology or the presence of evil through topical violence.  America is performing its most spectacular suicide in doing so, creating fissures in the global network which not only connect the ever widening cracks its opulence had already formulated, but deepens what was once but passing resistance to cultural domination.


~ by 1womanarmy on April 14, 2008.

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