America is Losing the WOT

The Air Force Academy received some bad news from their panelist forum this Sunday, when guest speakers at the talk entitled “USA’s War on Terror: Not a Cosmic Battle Between Christianity and Islam” stated that the military water boards services members into accepting fundamentalism (in the religious Christian sense of course), and that American is definitely “losing” the WOT. So reports Israel eNews, though little could be found about the topic in mainstream American news reports.

I am pleased, if not a bit surprised, that the Air Force allowed their members to be privy to such information. Then again, in times of greatest distress, the ability to confront inward dissention often leads to greater zealotry on the part of the body. Perhaps it was all a set up to incite feelings of personal attack and indignity, thereby entrenching blind faith in service members and rejection of critical war analysis. Particularly since one of the panelists was former U.S. ambassador Wilson who has always opposed the invasion of Iraq, and another created the MRFF (Weinstein). Weinstein claimed MRFF represents nearly 7,650 active duty service members who feel oppressed by Christianity. He said, “We have 21 cases in the cadet wing. I’m sure some of you are here [at the panel] today.”We are quickest to reject those who feel and look like us yet act not with the same predictable behaviors. It’s a reflection of self loathing and fear, which, as its become increasingly clear throughout the semester, drives the purpose of this war. Those brave enough to confront the non-value of dichotomous good and evil setups as posited by the messages we receive on religion, arab culture, and foreign affairs are immediately rejected by those still grappling with their role as members of such a terror-izing nation.

My hypothesis is in some ways confirmed by this comment on Israel Enews:

The panel comes after another controversial panel in February, when the academy hosted three alleged “former terrorists.” They told cadets they left behind terrorism after discovering Christianity.

It’s important to negate fears through religious masturbation. It’s important to see the real good entrenchment of beliefs can do.


~ by 1womanarmy on April 14, 2008.

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