The Archive of Noise: CNN and Nothing New(s)

Here is a short breakdown of individual packets of information on any given CNN image.

a) there is the anchorperson. they give both aural and visual information.

b) there is the lower third bar recounting what they are saying, this information is visual.

c) the dow jones is right next to this, this is more visual information.

d) there is the silent news ticker at the bottom. this is more visual information.

e) on the top left is the word “Live” if the broadcasts is indeed live.

f) to the upper right in a picture of what the anchor is talking about. More visual information.

Information overload- and not a bit of it is relevant without some historical context! These sources of information end up doing little else besides devaluing each other. This is how war is reported, so it would seem that by trying to report so many aspects of the same idea through a system of visual redundancy, they are in fact, limiting the actual understanding that may have taken place under a simpler model.

Again, I’m going off of the pieces we’ve been reading on journalistic coverage here, and obviously the conversations we’ve been having in class.  It’s fairly absurd how packaged the content is, and how irrelevant the content itself appears to be.  Just like embedded journalists, whose appearance makes them seem as though they are closer to the war scene, and therefore more capable of reporting, than any who came before them, in the end it is just a lot of fancy close-ups of the war machinery and comradery in which they live, and nothing at all about what is happening in Iraq.


~ by 1womanarmy on April 9, 2008.

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