The Horn

We hear a lot about Iraq and Afghanistan, and little about our war in the Horn of Africa. What do we think and record as a government and media society on terrorism in the Horn of Africa?

The United States Institute of Peace (HA!) reports that:

For over a decade, the United States has considered the Horn of Africa—Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Eritrea, and Sudan—a major source of terrorism. Following the 9-11 attacks against the United States, the Horn has come under increased scrutiny as a strategic focal point in the war against terrorism.

Okay fair enough. Where’s the documentation? Why is it a “source” of terrorism? What does that mean? Does terror live there? Do terrorists live there? Is there terror there, or where does it go?!?!? Why did 9/11 make it a focal point. THE TWO ARE NOT RELATED!!!!

Here’s another darling quote:

Indeed, for years the Horn of Africa, filled with weak, corrupt, and warring states, was seen as fertile ground for Islamists. Yet American responses to the regional terrorist threat—like the cruise missile attack on Sudan in the wake of the embassy bombings—were limited and unsustained.

How does one have sustained bombings? Is that really what we’re aiming for, anyways? And what does “weak and corrupt” entail? There is so little information in this report that I am gagging on the narrative framing and ineptitude of its writers as we speak.

Let’s look also at how “Islamists” is made to be equated to TERRORISTS!?!?! This can’t possibly be condoned or legal?!

We’re talking this week about journalistic coverage, and I’m saddened by how difficult it was for me to find some real information on the Horn of Africa.  “Reporting More, Informing Less?”  Well, that may be true for Swedish news, but it’s true here as well.  It’s true that while there was a multitude of images, paraphanelia, and “stories” available, actual information was incredibly hard to find. A historical context was nearly impossible.


~ by 1womanarmy on April 3, 2008.

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