Iraq’s Sadr warns Maliki of open war

Nouri Kamel Mohammed Hassan al-Maliki has been officially warned by Iraq’s Sadr says Al Araybia news channel, of the threat of “open war” against the Iraqi government unless insurgency targeting by both Iraqi and U.S. forces ceases. 

The way this piece was reported is very different than the style of American/European news.  For instance, Sadr is quoted several times in the piece, and it is clearly cited, right in text, where these quotes came from (they were issued by his holy office).  There is very little fogging of his statements in this way: they are led to speak for themselves.  Immediately following his statements, there was a statement of relevant current/back history that might be necessary for the reader to understand.  This approach is so fundamentally different than the way we read news as Americans: we are left to fend for ourselves over here.

There are some similarities in our two media approaches during wartime however.  For instance, there is the following quote:

A rebellion by Sadr’s Mehdi Army militia — which has tens of thousands of fighters — could abruptly end a period of lower violence at a time when U.S. forces are starting to leave Iraq.

We see the same sort of “projection of future events” in American media as well, when anchors and newscasters of all sorts tell us what they see one event possibly leading to, but offer not only no other possible outcomes, but no real reasonining as to WHY they have made that prediction in the first place.  It’s a way of leading the public to believe that one thing will happen, so that they are satisfied and comforted when it does (deep psychology: doesn’t matter whether the event is personally good for them or not, only that they are receiving positive feedback messages on information they believe to be true::: it’s the same story as in viewers of Fox news re: Conquering the Minds, Conquering Iraq), and continue to watch the same news/support the same sources.

Another Sadr quote to end:

He also lashed out at the United States and at the government. “The occupation has made us target of its planes, tanks, air strikes and snipers. Without our support this government would not have been formed. But with its alliance with the occupier it is not independent and sovereign, as we would like it to be,” the cleric said.

This is a confusing quote (signifiers? anyone?), but at least we know the military/government/media hasn’t dumbed down the message so much that its original meaning has been lost.




~ by 1womanarmy on April 3, 2008.

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