Kent Lambert’ Hymn of Reckoning

This video is an interesting take on media predisposition towards violence. I suppose it might even be said that it is a type of meditation on that which has permeated he minds and eyes of so many in this country. By using footage taken from older video games, language acquisition videos and even the popular television program LOST, Lambert is able to explore the archetype of the constructed ‘arab’. In this hyper-saturated critique, Lambert exposes American’s views on Iraqi’s as torturous and especially when viewed in conjunction with any notions of militarization or primal urges, ie. the last section featuring LOST. Bravo.

For Lambert it seems that there are many small parts which build up to a misunderstanding of the War of Terror and other cultures in general. From what we do at play, to how we seem to build our languages, Hymn of Reckoning catalogues and explores the building blocks of a new imperialism.

“Hymn of Reckoning explores themes of combat, torture and grief using images and sounds from the TV shows 24 and Lost, 1980s Nintendo games, and various known and unknown films” – Kent Lambert (CuFF website)


~ by 1womanarmy on March 25, 2008.

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