im ‘n yo contre laffin’ wit yo soldjaz

War is fun for everyone!  We have cellphones and blankets on concrete benches!  And we share our guns, and our friends, and we laugh and speak English and everyone is happy and clean all the days!

“An Iraqi Sunni fighter allied with the US against al-Qaeda in Iraq shares a video on his mobile phone with a US soldier in Diyala province.”

The misrepresentation of the reality of war is laughably (haha in this picture!) overstated, red quilt on concrete and all, in this picture of a Sunni fighter who appears to be having fun with a solider invading his country, ruining his natural surroudings, without apparent cause or justification… Truly there must be circumstances which arise naturally like this, where two folk are able to sit in the bliss of a moment separated from the chaos and hardship around them (otherwise how do we pass through some of these days?) but that BBC chose to represent the state of the world this week with this image is a bit appalling.  Alone is stands next to Chochambama protests and Nicaraguan recycling depravity, a beacon of hope from America and Iraq shining through.  Ah, how nice it must feel to look upon these pictures and feel, as an American, justified in the righteousness of the act.


~ by 1womanarmy on March 12, 2008.

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