A few interesting updates from The White House in their attempt to patriot both terrorism at home and the preemption of sovereignty elsewhere. This was such a huge undertaking to deconstruct that I think it counts as my post for the entire week:

  • The Terrorist Threat Integration Center (TTIC) has been established, integrating and analyzing terrorism threat-related information collected domestically and abroad, ensuring that intelligence and law enforcement entities are working in common purpose.

What’s in a name? TTIC has no real information provided by the title- are we sure exactly what they do? Not by this description. Americans are fed a string of empty words in a string of empty promises for each new over-funded venture.

  • More than 15 million Afghan citizens have been freed from the brutal zealotry of the Taliban. Millions of Afghan women are experiencing freedom for the first time, and thousands of Afghan girls are going to school an act that was illegal under the Taliban regime.

Ah yes, freed for the first time. Those poor, defenseless, Afghan women. I’ve read about nine article on this topic thus far, and the ability of the media and government to use “their women” for our moral purposes has been deconstructed time and time again. Um… who is experiencing freedom again?

  • Leader by leader and member by member, Al-Qaida is being hunted down in dozens of countries around the world. Of the senior al-Qaida leaders, operational managers, and key facilitators the U.S. Government has been tracking, nearly two-thirds have been taken into custody or killed.

So, those we hunt down are reduced the animalistic terms, and stripped of any human intent or social relevance. We are hunting something which is able to be hunted, in this framing. We are in dozens of countries, yet this is a positive sport we play. “The Most Dangerous Game” ring a bell?

  • The Terrorist Screening Center was established to consolidate terrorist watchlists and provide 24/7 operational support for thousands of Federal screeners across the country and around the world. The Center will ensure that government investigators, screeners, and agents are working off the same unified, comprehensive set of anti-terrorist information – and that they have access to information and expertise that will allow them to act quickly when a suspected terrorist is screened or stopped. The Center began operations on December 1, 2003, and remains on schedule to achieve full operational capability in 2004.

Because when we’re unified, we’re so much easier to control.

  • Over two years have passed since the last attack on American soil, but the danger is still clear. As President Bush reminded the Nation in his State of the Union Address, “[I]t is tempting to believe that the danger is behind us. That hope is understandable, comforting — and false.” President Bush, joined by a bipartisan majority in Congress, made the decision that we would not stand by and wait for another attack. Instead, America has taken the fight to the terrorists.

The danger never was, and never will be clear. That is the nature of danger. That is the nature of terrorism. You have a better chance of dying from a nailgun accident than you do of dying in a fire. It’s hard to see the danger coming, really.

  • In the long term, America’s goal is not only to stabilize Iraq and Afghanistan, but to bring freedom and democracy to those countries and throughout the Middle East. President Bush announced that the United States would pursue a “forward strategy of freedom” to promote democracy throughout the Middle East. Promoting democracy and freedom in the Middle East is a challenging undertaking, but it is worthy of America’s effort and sacrifice. As long as freedom and democracy do not flourish in the Middle East, that region will remain stagnant, resentful, and violent – and serve as an exporter of violence and terror to free nations.

“Countries throughout the middle east” need saving? Who knew? It’s easy to create mythology that supports the precedence of war when you have such close ties to the media. I also like how it’s easy to frame things any which way you please, such as stating that this is a “sacrifice” for America, that we are both the benevolent and terroristic older brother. Older brother is a good metaphor for how America views itself. Able to justify some intolerable behavior for three reasons a) that we’ll always do right in the end b) it’s always in their best interests anyways and c) we’re the older brother. We do what we please anyways.

  • President Bush believes that democracy and Islam can co-exist. America has accomplished “the task of spreading democracy where it has not existed before”, and the President believes that the advance of freedom will increase chances for peace and security for Americans as well as for the people of the Middle East.

The language used here is absurd! It’s almost not worth the effort of deconstruction. I mean, really, “democracy and Islam can co-exist?” As if we’re on some ridiculous spectrum, or we’re in some ridiculous feudal duel! And how about the part where America will stabilize… throughout the Middle East? So, America the nation has the capacity of not only understanding but also directing an entire, ambiguous, AREA (that we’ve created, in nomenclature that is) on TOP OF our own country. Right, like we don’t have health care problems here or anything.


~ by 1womanarmy on February 28, 2008.

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