This Just In: American Biased News!

 The Myth of U.S. Isolation: Why America Is Not Alone in the War on Terror

   or: How American journalists manage to contort the news for our patriotic purposes

An excerpt taken from an article from The Heritage Foundation 

The United States is by no means alone as it fights the war on terror on several fronts. In Iraq it retains the support of many of its traditional allies, including the UK, Italy, Australia, and Japan, and has generated almost universal backing from the nations of ‘New Europe,’ including Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, helping shift the balance of power in Europe away from Paris and Berlin. In Afghanistan, the entire membership of NATO is engaged in the International Security Assistance Force.


It will be the goal of Al Qaeda and the terrorist groups operating in Iraq to weaken the international coalition, and the success of terrorists in intimidating Spain and the Philippines into withdrawing their forces from Iraq has set a dangerous precedent. The White House should make the consolidation and strengthening of the existing international alliance a top foreign policy priority and hold a summit of allies to discuss the future of Iraq. At the same time, the United States can and must do more to improve its efforts at public diplomacy in Europe, Asia, and the Arab world.

My favorite part is about the Arab World (emphasis mine in formatting but theirs in implication), but the strange call to improve public diplomacy in Asia is a close second.  The Heritage Foundation runs a conservative think-tank bent on providing an outlet for “conservative communities” and “traditional American values.”

Don’t worry- they offer internships too!


~ by 1womanarmy on February 25, 2008.

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