Time’s Picture of the Week: Pakistani Politics

Time Picture of the Week

This is a perfect example of the extremism we feel the need to attach to all imagery of the “Middle East.”  Just like the National Geographic pictures we looked at the other day, every picture is either of a swarming mob, of animals, of non-technical settings (i.e. the barren desert), or someone in “traditional cultural dress.” 

This picture is labelled “Pakistani Politics,” and it doesn’t matter whether Pakistan and the Middle East or the War of Terror are connected, because they WILL BE and ARE connected in the minds of so many Americans who don’t know Canada is a country not a US state, let alone where Afghanistan or Pakistan are on a map. 

This picture represents foreign politics only as we would like to remember it: as something foreign and completely unlike us.  As something performed in emotional passions, not by reason(able white men).


~ by 1womanarmy on February 19, 2008.

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