It’s Hard to Relax When Fear Gives You Meaning

The following is a quote from Klaus Warkentin of Mexico, in response to a forum question about increased security measures in airports in this Deutsche Welle article from 04.02.2008.

“US security hysterics triggers exactly what the terrorists want: fear. Why are airline passengers checked, but not passengers and their luggage travelling by train, bus or ship?  These strict and annoying controls have achieved nothing except wasting time, frustration and irritation. They should be eased, like here in Latin America.”

In general, the forum was populated by non-US and non-European citizens (with the exception of course of some German entries), and the responses were overwhelming along the same lines.  Of course these measures increase fear- that’s half the point of having them!  The U.S. Government couldn’t wage a war at home without the support of the American public, hence fear serves this dual purpose of being both the reason for waging war and the impetus for continuing it. 


~ by 1womanarmy on February 13, 2008.

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