In my search for media involvement today, when you search for “best photograph of Iraq” on Google, a site by “ponykillr” comes up. Hm.  The high availability of information on the internet is questionable at times like these.  How many average citizens do much more than use GoogleImages when they’d like to find an interesting photograph?  How many of us really know where to go for more reliable and less biased information?  It’s a lovely thing to have a typed syllabus sheet of alternative media sitting in front of me, but I can tell you that it’s not nearly so easy to find these things on your own. 

It’s like being the only liberal in high school, and not realizing a single other soul listened to Ani DiFranco until you came to your liberal college freshman year.  [[cough, cough]].  If you don’t know how to properly utilize the media at hand (in this case the internet, and in that case, my not knowing what a “blog” or “forum” for topics like these was or where to find it), then all the information in the world does you no good even if it IS made readily accessible. 

And what does “ponykillr” mean?  Anyone?  Is this some military reference the rest of us don’t understand?  I’m hating the violent title this person has given themselves, paired with, if you test this project out, a picture of himself (presumably- it looks like a man under that uniform though I’m by no means positive) standing in Iraq with several small children. 

Americans: benevolent killers.  Pony killers.


~ by 1womanarmy on February 6, 2008.

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