Cause and Affectation

A report this week from the US Department of State website.

The struggle for women’s rights is a story of ordinary women doing extraordinary things. And today, the women of Afghanistan are writing a new chapter in their history.

–First Lady Laura Bush, March 12, 2004

So, this is our problem. We only want to see the end points of chain reactions. We are product-oriented, not process oriented. We are blind to the process of war, to the violence of it, with the clarity with which we portray its end points. We only wish to see the mousetrap go off, and the dead mouse in hand.

“Since the Taliban became a military and political force in late 1994, women and girls in Afghanistan University of Kabul reportedly had several thousand women students while thousands of professional women worked in different capacities in the city. Since the Taliban takeover, women are not allowed to attend school and others have been forced to leave their jobs.” have become virtually invisible in Taliban controlled portions of the country. The impact of Taliban imposed restrictions are most acutely felt in the cities where women had enjoyed relatively greater freedoms.”

Now, I am not advocating the Taliban but I am also weary of how the State Dept. phrases their thoughts. There is not interest in ‘why’ the Taliban do these things, no interest in understanding or reconciling the truth with a greater historical poast. This article is only interested in the ‘what does it mean’. This is only further exemplified in the next section of the article entitled United States Response.

This sort of mentality is setting up a clear delineation between US and Them. It is by subscribing to this structuralist plan that America digs itself deeper and deeper into the bowels of problematic cultural construction. As we make them out to be wicked without reason, then with even meager reasons we might go in and colonize. We have this amazing ability to marginalize through portrayal. I would argue that is more potent than any new missile we can come up with.


~ by 1womanarmy on February 6, 2008.

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