The Liability of Responsibility

It’s not hard to believe that the reasoning behind Democratic reluctance to take steps for actively ending war are inhibited not by their inability to confront and fight the Republican bloc, but an inability to see beyond the closure of the Constitution and into the reality of what responsibility the American destruction entails.  Responsibility is a framed, and empty, picture of the origins Iraqi conflict represents from 2003 to the present, yet its closed loop creates a power of circle in which though Democrats may pretend to be on the inside or outside track of its forces depending on the need for public popularity they are inevitably protected by its closure. 

Responsibility is an evaded media term- it’s circular formation around the narrative terms of “White House” and “Poker Players” in initial debates and subsequent power shifts belaying a massive reluctance (as demonstrated by Senate Democrats) to confront its attachment to the conflict itself!  While responsibility was used frequently and feverishly when the righteousness of 9/11 were still fresh in American minds, it was then used to justify, a twist and bastardization of the word to change “liable to” into “liable to DO.”  As this Naureckas article points out, “The victorious Democrat in particular will want nothing to happen in Congress that could possibly jeopardize winning back the White House,” and while the Democrats are eager and willing to find liability in winning, creating losers of Republicans, and extending liabilities in tax and monetary forms, they are unwillingly betrayed by their choice of words and actions to own responsibility in a specific and solidifying act.


~ by 1womanarmy on January 30, 2008.

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