Friendly Fox News Spin!

Fox News “We Got Issues”

Update on Osama bin Laden

A quick synopsis of inflamatory and narrative language used in the introduction of this “We Got Issues” broadcast  include the following narrative scare tactics:
“not only” (translation: I can’t believe we all have to put up with these games), “extremists” (as in, those irrational, non-believers, extremely unlike us whackos), “hiding” (childish connotation strong), and “Al Quaeda has clearly been weakened by defenses in Afganistan and Iraq” (emphasis on their evil being extinguished by our merely protectionary actions). 

The piece later enters, accompanied by arbitrary and meaningless pictures, into a sarcastic and loud male voice describing his seemingly innocent background, (rich, educated, relatively nameless among other 49 children) accompanied by 70’s horror movie music: see folks, he’s just like us!  It’s his fault he’s doing this!  One of those psycologically distrubed “extremists,” represented as the embodiment of American choice and opportunity gone wrong.  Fox further reported that Osama bin Laden was “mad because Saudi Arabia allowed US troops there after Iraq invaded Kuwait,” the only bit of historical evidence aside from character-building personal facts, accompanied immediately by a nearly unrelated statement that “from the moment the plane hit the tower, bin Laden was the primary suspect.”  Really?

The story spins and spins the watcher until they are frantic for lack of proper information, confusing imagery which does not match the words on the screen, and inflammatory language unsupported by reporting need.  To end the segment, there is no clarification on what the purpose of the story or this short news bit has been, but rather an admonishment to remember the $25 million dollar bounty on bin Laden’s head, and necessity to remember the new administration will have to deal with “scouting the borders” for our “number one enemy.” 

I am left overall feeling not only unsatisfied but angry (that I didn’t have any facts), and it’s clear that a lingering image of bin Laden at the end is directing me to discard this anger on a single individual meant somehow to represent a group of people, a nation, and a landscape that can be similarly vindicated by my knowledge that at least I know I’m upset. 


~ by 1womanarmy on January 30, 2008.

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