Ambiguous and Threatening Photo Titles

This image does it all.  Pretends to report the truth.  Uses ambiguous language.  Uses biased language.  Creates simplicity out of complex global/cultural issues.

Taken from the about two months ago, I had actually saved this on my computer to send to a friend or two for a laugh.  What kind of title is “Fatal Jihadist Attacks Worldwide” anyways? 

Never mind that the graph shows an increase in “fatal attacks” after the War of Terror.  The caption here is still important.

The BBC is interesting, like this.  They will put a graph like this up on their website, which appears, on the surface, to be making an anti-American commentary (haha, just kidding, I mean truthfully reporting the results of the WOT), yet in reality they are using the same Islamaphobic language and biased narratives that American media is.   Tony Blair- did you need the extra money for that mansion you just bought?

What the hell does “jidhadist attacks” mean?  That’s an empty term, empty, empty, empty.  Just like most of the news reporting today, we get no historical or cultural background to support the news and information we’re being fed, therefore needing to attach our own incomplete  and biased imagery onto language such as “jihadist.” 

Given that statement about the news, this image may actually increase support for the war. 


~ by 1womanarmy on January 29, 2008.

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